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Introducing the Principal Connection
k12 Student at computerIt puts the power to reach all your students at your fingertips. Our "direct connect" software allows you to broadcast your messages to every SMARTboard, computer, ipad and laptop in your school network or school district.

k-12 Students at computer terminalsPrincipal Connection is a network display content manager that is easy to use. From a single centrally controlled office computer, you can manage the content displayed on every screen in your school.

Special Announcements
Calendar of School Events
Fire Alerts & Exit Directions
Weather Alerts & Forecast
School Bell Countdown
Lost & Found
Homework Reminders
Upcoming Exam Schedule
Last Minute Schedule Changes
Daily Reminders & More

Save Time and Money
Utilizing our convenient templates with your content, pictures or videos, you can broadcast your message to thousands of screens, accurately and instantly. Imagine sending out special announcements on school safety and assignments at the press of a button. Principal Connection places these messages, virtual posters and videos in the school environment reminding students and staff of important information like how to stop bullying, school policy, schedule changes and more.

Classrom, Students with Smartboard At an instant, you'll save time and money. No more paper, printing and distributing costs. In recent studies, digital format signage has been proven to be 65% more effective than conventional printed formats. This means you will have the huge advantage of your students and staff actually viewing and remembering your messages.

Templates make changes easy. Major file format support:
- mp4, mpeg, flv, apple quicktime and flash
- Native support for YouTube downloaded movies.
- Content packages are available.

Student viewing computer screenAt Principal Essentials, we are committed to working to enhance the learning experience for all students through the power of technology.

For more information, call us at (888) 767-6182 or Click here

Technology Reinvents Classroom Instruction.

A recent survey by the CDC reported that students’ comfort level with technology has led to a reimagining of classroom instruction and how to deliver it. The survey found more than 85 percent of students would rather learn from a video game than a textbook. An estimated 1.8 million students take online classes part-time, according to the International Association of K-12 Online Learning, and 250,000 are enrolled full-time in virtual schools. To date, 27 states operate statewide public online schools. This trend is expected to significantly increase within the few years.

Some early analysis has also indicated that online learning could also present a cost-saving opportunity for states and schools. A study commissioned by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a conservative education policy group, estimated that a fully virtual learning environment could save up to $3,600 per student (national per-pupil spending averages $10,500). A model that blends digital learning with traditional modes could save more than $1,000 per student, the study found.

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“School has gone from being a noun, a place where you go to learn, to a verb with a focus on learning,” said Holly Sagues, chief policy officer at the Florida Virtual School, during a discussion in April. Her school, the first of its kind when it opened in 1997, serves more than 120,000 students and spends about $1,300 less per pupil than its brick-and-mortar counterparts in the state.

Increasing access, growing acceptance, and decreasing cost are helping to make the use of laptop, ipad and mobile devices even more popular in schools. As the world of educational technology continues to advance, it is innovative software that will help increase student engagement and extend academic instruction beyond the classrooms.

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