School k12 Post Programmable Bulletin Board

Post App
• Flat Screen
• 50" Color Display,
• Programmable Bulletin Board
• App Control from Any iphone

Special Announcements
Calendar of School Events
Fire Alerts & Exit Directions
Weather Alerts & Forecast
School Bell Countdown
Lost & Found
Homework Reminders
Upcoming Exam Schedule
Assignment & Schedule Changes

How do you promote your school's specific events, update schedules and communicate to your students? Get your message across in an eye-catching way with an affordable, electronic LCD color display. Our New Daily Post will post messages, improve productivity and communication in your school. Easy to operate, indoor message signs have so many uses, you will constantly find new ways to utilize it. You can manage all your settings, announcements and school information using our user-friendly, control panel app from your iphone or any desktop computer.

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